Whether you are a public or private institutions….EduTalent is for you.

Up to know, you have been posting your job offers on your website, on Linkedn and on your own professional networks. From mid-2020, you could post your offer on edutalent.fr by mentioning the main criteria and attaching the detailed job description. You will have access to the EduTalent database that is currently being created (100,000 teachers and teacher-researchers planned to start). Recruitment will also be international.

Example : I am a business school in the Bordeaux area. One of my researcher goes abroad for a semester. I’m looking for a researcher to take over in digital strategy for the second half of 2020. Then, I post my request on edutalent.fr by mentioning the criteria of discipline, availability, level of training. Instantly, reserachers who have mentionned these criteria receive the offer on their smartphone. They will send their application directly to your Dean and HR.

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